Drawing and composition Painting Digital creation

the basics of figure drawing,

still life, anatomy for artists, drapery and folds drawing, perspective, composition, and narrative drawing.


theory of colors, the use of color in still life, basis of figure painting, composition


computer as a graphic tool, operating systems, working with Adobe CC suite, interfaces, features of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, ways of saving files for different purposes, portfolio

Basics of cultural knowledge English / Polish Extra museum visits

history of art and contemporary culture. The aim of the course is primarily to stimulate candidates to be interested in culture, encouraging active participation and independent, critical thinking


The aim of the English course is to prepare candidates for effective participation in their future studies. An essential part of the course will be the study of terminology in the fields of art, graphics and new media

One a month we will organize a free museum visit, where you can meet the curators and experience a new field of art, sometimes unconventional and modern or something opposite, classical.

(The meeting will be organized depending on the institutions' schedule).

Are you unsure of your language skills? Do you want to spend time working on the portfolio? Course_zero at PJAIT is the perfect place for you. — Marta Zofia Myszewska absolvent PJAIT and the course manager
Anna Eichler Monika Stobiecka Agnieszka Godlewska
Painting and drawing History of culture and art English

Anna graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She teaches the Basics

of Image at the Graphic Design Department of PJAIT New Media Arts Faculty – a course in drawing and painting. She also works in didactic field organising creative workshops. Her artworks were exhibited in Poland, Romania, Moldova and Holland. She specializes in oil painting, but she also works in various techniques

on paper and paints murals.

Monika graduated from the Institute of Art History and Institute of Archeology, and is currently a PhD student at the "Artes Liberales" Faculty of the University of Warsaw. She is a winner of the "Diamond Grant 2014" of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. She cooperated with the Museum

of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Foksal Gallery and the National Museum in Warsaw. Currently, she prepares an exhibition of Zakopane style at the Museum

of Architecture in Wrocław.

She is interested in the New Humanities, and explores archaeological museums as part

of her dissertation.

Agnieszka is a graduate of the English studies at The University

of Warsaw. She is a participant of numerous trainings and conferences on teaching English. From the age of 25, she has been a teacher of the general and specialized English language at several Warsaw universities, as well as other institutions and banks. She works

in PJAIT as a lecturer, a TOEIC methodologist and an examiner.

Marta Zofia Myszewska Digital creation

Marta finished the Faculty of New Media Arts of PJAIT (English program). A computer graphic designer and a Taekwon-Do ITF instructor, interested in graphic design and event organization. She actively participates in social projects, primarily in projects related to the rights of women and refugees. She designs ceramic products in her spare time.

Two-time scholarship holder

of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, organizer

of the ATYPI'16 conference office and curator of the Women's Rights exhibition in Poland in 2017 and 2018.

Milada Ślidzińska Curator


Painting class in Łazienki
ABOUT US The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology invites future artistic and design studies candidates to participate in the preparation course kurs_zero 2018/2019. Course_zero is a specially prepared program for candidates for the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, who want to get ready to join the faculty of New Media Arts. A comprehensive the program is designed to prepare and give a foretaste of what you can expect during the first year of study. The course provides for two semesters of classes, winter, and summer, during which future students will prepare for an interview and, together with instructors will work on the paintings and portfolio.
210 hours
210 hours
winter semester October – January summer semester March – June
Fees We give you a choice of a full course_zero, which consists of language classes, drawing lessons and knowledge about culture and classes on which you will learn basic computer knowledge and program support. Fee for the full course: 6000 zlotych Duration of the course: 2 semesters / 1 year (October – June) Number of hours: 420 (IT + English + drawing & painting + cultural knowledge) People who finish the course 0 will have reduced entry fees by 50%. For payment and agreement details, please contact with recruitment department or visit our office in Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. To register for the course, please visit recruitment office (3rd floor of the Main Building of PJAIT) or write us an email:
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Sneekpi font by Maciej Połczyński, graduate of PJAIT in Warsaw

Visual identification and graphic preparation: Marta Zofia Myszewska

illustration: Marta Zofia Myszewska

and Daria Łukaszyńska,

NeMa MA students
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