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Design by PJATK, New Media Department

The course covers two semesters of classes (420 academic hours), during which prospective students will
develop their digital and traditional portfolios under guided supervision. Our experienced instructors will
also prepare them for the admission interview.



Theory of colors, the use of color in still life. Basic of figure painting and composition. Portfolio review and consultation with the teacher.


45 hours / semester


The basics of figure drawing, still life and body anatomy. Drapery and folds drawing, perspective and narrative drawing.

45 hours / semester

English language

During the English class, students are training personal presentation, and they are persuaded to talk behind the colleges.

30 hours / semester 

Computer creation

Computer as a graphic tool, operating system. Basic of Adobe CC suite, interface, features of Ps, Ai, Id. Portfolio design. Presentation and personal skills.

60 hours / semester


History of communication

History of communication covers the basic of visual communication and the history of Language in Europe. 

30 hours / semester

Additional museum visits

During the course, we cooperate with the curators of Polish museums. Thanks to Ms. Milada Ślizińska, there is an excellent opportunity to meet Polish artists and culture.

1 / semester

Create your start at PJAIT

Course Zero is a special program tailored for candidates who want to join the faculty of New Media Arts and study at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in the future.

This program is designed to prepare candidates for the entrance examination and familiarize them with the educational process undertaken in the first year of study.

The course covers two semesters of classes (420 academic hours), during which prospective students will develop their digital and traditional portfolios under guided supervision. Our experienced instructors will also prepare future candidates for the admission interview.

The fee for the full course
in English: 6500 zł (payment in installments available).

Build your digital and traditional portfolio with Course_zero

During the course, we will focus on your traditional and digital portfolio (PDF). Together we will set up your skills and train personal presentation.  

preferred drawing format 100x70 cm or 70x100 cm
drawing a human figure from nature — minimum format 50x70 cm and 70x50 cm, minimum of five pieces of drawings;
still life — a minimum of 5 pieces of drawings. Other forms of drawings (any number of works).

landscape — painting work made with any technique on paper or cardboard (minimum format 50x70 cm and 70x50 cm, minimum of five paintings)
still life — painting work made with any method on paper or paperboard (minimum size 50x70 cm and 70x50 cm, minimum of five paintings)other painting forms (any number of works)

Color or black and white — portrait photography, landscape, any composition, reportage (minimum ten copies in A5 or larger) can be presented. Besides, digital photos are also accepted.

Try yourself, meet your teachers and make the decision what to do next!

Together with the painter, designer, English teacher, and history of a communication specialist, we will help to create your way of thinking. In a creative atmosphere, you will face your career.


Collect experiences and basic knowledge during the course_zero

We give you a choice of a full course_zero, which consists of language classes, drawings lessons and knowledge about culture and classes on which you will learn basic computer knowledge and program support. 

Fee for the full English course: 6500 zł 
Duration of the course: 2 semesters /1 year (October – June)
Number of hours: 420 hours (basic Adobe CC + English + drawing & painting + culture knowledge). People who finish the course 0 will have reduced entry fees by 50%. For payment and agreement details, please contact with the manager of the course Marta Zofia Myszewska myszewska@pjwstk.edu.pl


This year also in Polish!

You don’t speak English byt you want to take part in the course? Don’t worry we are going to open Polish language course this year 2019/2020! See you soon!

Anastasiia, Russia

Master student, course alumni, Thank you for the Kurs Zero and for your help. I wouldn’t be able to pass the interview without your recommendations and questions. And the course itself was very helpful. Even though I worked in Adobe programs before, I saw another approach to problem-solving, saw how designer-thinking works and realized that it’s not easy. But it was fun, enjoyable and interesting. Thank you! See you in autumn.

Phoung, Vietnam

1st-year student, course alumni, Preparing an art portfolio can be challenging for beginners. If that is the case for you, Kurs_zero will be perfect. Students are prepared with not only traditional skills and knowledge but also the basic of graphic design. Besides, field trips are offered in the course. My instructors were enthusiastic, kind and motivated me to challenge and be myself.

Nanh, Vietnam

Course alumni, Opportunity is here ladies. Teacher and everything is so great. I hope new guys choose and learn this class with great Teacher
Love yo


There are many questions which we trying face everyday!  

We want to help you to feel comfortable and become a part in the PJAIT society of students. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me myszewska@pjwstk.edu.pl or kurszero@pjwstk.edu.pl 

Can we apply for visa or residence card?

Yes, The school recruitment department always supports young students to get a visa. To get it, please bring proof of the payment.

Is there any accommodation for school dormitory from PJAIT?

Unfortunately, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology doesn’t have accommodation or dormitory, specially indicated for students.

Can I not get to the academy after the course?

Yes, there is a possibility. In some case, the course will not be enough to prepare the applicant to pass the interview.

When can we pay for the course?

Usually, we ask for the payments at the end of July.  

Where can I find all necessary documents?

The application you can find on our webpage and download it directly to your computer. The agreement between school and candidates you will sign in Poland. 

What are the deadlines to apply for the course and the requirements?

The application for the 0’course is open all year, we recommended to apply at the beginning of July and through the summertime and start with the first class in the middle of October.

When we will know about the Polish course_zero?

Polish 0-course is possible if we will have a  minimum of 10 participants. We will share more information as soon as we will have a minimum of the application.

2 months painting course

If you looking for something shorter, there is another course — 2 months with painting and drawing at PJAIT all in Polish — more information: rekrutacja@pjwstk.edu.pl

Web interview – PDF max 25 MB

Online portfolio review for the students who live abroad Poland, more information and instruction how to prepare the document: rekrutacja@pjwstk.edu.pl

Apply for the 0 course

Course zero is for students who want to prepare the portfolio and be ready to study very intensive 1st-year new media department. English course combines traditional techniques like drawing and painting and digital skills (adobe cc). What’s more, during the English class, students are training personal presentation, and they are persuaded to talk behind the colleges. History of communication covers the basic of visual communication and the history of Language in Europe.
Four hundred twenty hours from October till the end of June — very intensive classes and tasks, international workshops for the best students (together with 1st-year students) in the course and lectures with the world-known designers and specialist (Pjait guests). Regular classes are held in the evening hours 17:00 – 20:00 from Monday till Thursday. Sometimes during the weekend, we have an open-air painting class in Łazienki Park. 



Fee for all English language course is 6500 polish zloty. The alumni for those students who finish the 0’course will have 50% discount entry fee for bachelor study. The application for the course is easy — the document is ready to download from our page www.kurs_zero.pjwstk.edu.pl then send back. Remember we have a limited number of places (18 students in the group). 


Do you want something extra?
The alumni of the course are free from the interview fee and have to pay only 50% of entry fee costs.

Ready to get started?